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Tips To Improve Curb Appeal

We often meet with clients that want to change or ‘dress up’ the front of there homes after its been lived in a for a few years. Homeowners like to change things up and make their home look different. It…Read More

Commercial Lighting, Paint, Flooring & More

The importance of keeping commercial and retail business locations up to date on lighting, paint, flooring and more. Buying local is more important than ever before. Ensuring your commercial or retail location is ready to welcome customers is an essential…Read More

Simple Holiday Remodeling Tips

Thinking about making some changes to your home for the holidays? It may seem like an overwhelming task especially when thinking about getting your home holiday ready for family and friends. Here are some simple holiday remodeling tips that are…Read More

3 Reasons To Hire A Licensed Contractor

Here are 3 reasons to hire a licensed contractor for home remodeling project. Planning on renovating a kitchen or bathroom? Whether remodeling in your home is big or small, it is advisable to hire a licensed contractor to do the…Read More

Custom Home vs Spec Home

What Is A Custom Home? A custom home is a unique home designed and built for a homeowner. These homes are drafted and built from the ground up according to the owner’s ideas. A custom builder allows the owners to…Read More

Covering furniture during remodeling

Covering furniture during remodeling. Helpful tips to keep dust and construction debris off your furniture during home remodeling. These are techniques we at JMI Flooring & Construction use and want to share.Are you planning a renovation or remodeling for your…Read More

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen looking a little old and dated? Are you wondering if its time to remodel your kitchen? The fact is, remodeling your kitchen has many benefits. In many homes the kitchen isn't just a place to cook and eat. The…Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom old and outdated? Then it might be time for a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms tend to get the least amount of attention compared to the other rooms in the house. Typically the average person will spend at least 30 minutes…Read More

Flooring Commercial Renovations

Thinking about updating the flooring in your office? Renovating your flooring can be an overwhelming task since there are some many details involved. You have to choose the correct color, design and ensure that your flooring material that will be…Read More

New Home Construction

Are you considering buying a new home? Getting a new construction home comes with many perks such as brand new energy efficient materials, no repairs needed to the home and the ability to customize the house based on your vision.…Read More